Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee

All members of the CCM including alternates, associated persons, affiliates, members of CCM committees, task teams, or any other delegated body of the CCM, Principal recipients and Sub Recipients of Global Fund grants, implementers of Global Fund programs and their agents or assigns shall be bound by the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy of the CCM.

The CCM has appointed an Ethics and Conflict of Interest (ECoI) Committee to assist in the implementation of the ECoI Policy. The ECoI Committee has a maximum of three members who investigate real, perceived or potential situations of conflict of interest and report back to the CCM. Membership of the committee is limited to non-implementing CCM members or members who have no link with the Principal Recipients (PRs).

The CCM agreed to select members from partners to ensure transparency, accountability and trust of the committee. The following persons were accordingly nominated to serve on ECoI Committee to be supported by a representative of the Secretariat:

  1. UNAIDS - Ms. Angela Trenton-Mbonde, Multilateral
  2. School of Medicine and Health Sciences, UDS - Prof. Stephen Tabiri, Academia
  3. Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana - Ben Botwe, Professional Association

Any stakeholder of the CCM may raise questions about a potential COI or declare such. The ECoI Committee with the assistance of the CCM Secretariat is then responsible for all disclosures and decides whether a conflict of interest exists and, if so whether to issue a waiver defining the extent to which the person concerned may participate in any discussion of the issue that has given rise to the conflict. The ECoI Committee may bring any conflict of interest issue to the floor of the CCM for discussion and determination.