The RSSH Funding Request

While all funding requests submitted to the Global Fund on the 23rd May 2017 are tailored applications, it is the first time that the Ghana CCM submits a request for a separate RSSH component. The RSSH funding request is integrated in the Malaria / RSSH funding request. It shall address systemic risks and weaknesses that impede the effective implementation of the malaria, HIV and TB grants.

The Health Systems Strengthening part aims at:

  1. Improving the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Systems through a fully functional Logistics Management and Information System, greater geographical coverage of Last Mile Distribution, and optimization of warehousing processes (5.5m USD)
  2. Enhancing Financial Management Systems at all levels (2.4m USD)
  3. Improving Health Management Information Systems and M&E, e.g. through scale up of the e-tracker to cover 40% of the facilities, implementation of a Human Resource Information System, and support of the implementation of task sharing of HIV, TB, malaria services (1.2m USD)

The Community Systems Strengthening module seeks to support community-led social accountability and advocacy efforts to complement Government’s efforts to improve access to and quality of services in healthcare facilities (2.5m USD).