Nomination of Principal Recipients (PRs)

For each grant, the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) may choose to nominate one or more Principal Recipients (PRs) to be responsible for distinct parts of the proposal. The Principal Recipient (PR) is the institution with whom the grant agreement is signed. The PR is the one legally responsible for the execution of the contract with the Global Fund.

During the funding request development, the CCM selects a PR Selection Team (PRST) from amongst its members, who together define explicit evaluation and selection criteria, scoring matrix, and Terms of Reference for PR including role and qualification. Based on this preliminary work, the CCM Secretariat publishes calls for expressions of interest through public media and acts as a response center for inquiries and as a clearing house for reception of expressions of interest.

PRST selects potential PRs from submitted expressions of interest for submission to the full CCM. The CCM invites the shortlisted PR candidates to the next CCM meeting where the potential PRs may present their proposals and budgets. With the assistance of experts in each field, the CCM makes a decision on the Principal Recipients to be proposed in the funding request.

The PR selection process must be transparent and documented. The documentation required includes the existence of a list of candidates and nomination criteria and information on how conflict of interest in Principal Recipient nomination was managed.

The responsibilities of the PRs include; but not limited to:

  • Receive and manage the funds from the Global Fund;
  • Make efficient arrangements for contracting and disbursing funds to sub-recipient/s;
  • Arrange for procurement and supply management;
  • Report on results and request additional disbursement of funds;
  • Ensure effective monitoring and evaluation; and
  • Support CCM processes by facilitating communication, interactions and synergies among implementing partners.

As the Global Fund reviews the concept, they may also provide recommendations related to the selected PRs to the CCM. Based on those recommendations, the CCM may decide to adjust its previous PR nomination.