How to become a CCM member

CCM Members representing each constituency are selected or elected by their own constituency based on a documented, transparent process, developed within each constituency. This selection must be based on clear criteria, and should take into account relevant experience in working with AIDS, TB or malaria and the member’s ability to network with their constituency. CCM members from the civil society have to be elected by their constituency while CCM members from the public sector may be appointed. Documentation of the CCM member selection process shall be made available to the CCM.

For each of the 25 substantive members, there is an alternate member, who is from the same organization (public sector) or who may be from a different organization (Civil Society and the Multilateral & Bilateral agencies). The alternate member is elected in the same manner as the substantive member. Individuals representing a single organization or company rather than a constituency are not eligible for membership on the CCM.

The term of office for all CCM members is three years, with the option of re-election by their constituencies. However, constituencies are encouraged to consider the idea of rotating their representatives. The last reconstitution of the CCM took place in 2017. The next membership renewal will be initiated by the CCM in 2020.

Individual members who are no longer available for a representation on the CCM may be replaced anytime by their constituency using the same selection processes as for the initial CCM member. A member shall cease to be a member of the CCM in any one of the following situations after due process:

  • A member is in serious breach of the conflict of interest policy that may bring the integrity of the CCM into disrepute.
  • A member is incapacitated to the extent that he or she cannot carry out his or her responsibilities to the CCM.
  • A member fails to attend regular CCM meetings on three consecutive occasions without notification.
  • A member abuses his or her position as member of the CCM or engages in financial malfeasance or criminal conduct or behavior that may discredit the CCM.

The individual constituencies will develop terms of reference for their members, and review member performance to ensure accountability to the constituency.