What is Oversight

Providing oversight is considered an essential function of each CCM. Oversight is a coordinated set of activities focusing on gathering and analyzing information, taking action, and reporting. It is focusing on the ‘big picture’ of whether the grant is achieving its goals and is designed to ensure that grant activities are implemented as planned, that there is accountability for all funds, and to identify and resolve implementation issues and bottlenecks, providing support where appropriate.

Oversight it is not supposed to focus on the day-to-day details of grant implementation. The CCM and the PR have complementary roles. The CCM’s oversight role is different from the PR’s responsibility to monitor and evaluate the implementation of grants.

Oversight shall:

  • provide strategic direction to principal recipients,
  • ensure that policies and procedures are met,
  • institute financial controls (including independent audits), and
  • follow through on key recommendations.

The core principle of oversight is to ensure that resources—financial and human—are being used efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the country.