How oversight works

Since the CCM is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of procuring funds and ensuring their proper implementation, it has the unique responsibility to orchestrate the overall country management of Global Fund grants. Oversight is one of the key functions of the CCM, that is guided by the CCM Ghana Oversight Plan. Oversight serves to ensure that Global Fund grant money is used properly and effectively, and that scheduled activities are implemented in a timely and effective manner.

The CCM nominates and approves the members of the two HIV/TB and Malaria/RSSH Oversight Committees. Each Oversight Committee meets quarterly in order to review the dashboards prepared by all Principal Recipients. The dashboard is a monitoring tool that captures financial, management and programmatic performance of each grant. Key questions asked by the oversight committees include:

  • Finance: Where is the money? Is it arriving on time? Is it being distributed properly, and promptly? Who is benefiting?
  • Procurement: Are the drugs, bed nets, laboratory supplies, etc. going where they need to go? Are implementers getting them on time? Is the distribution system safe and secure? Are patients receiving them?
  • Implementation: Are activities on schedule? Are the right people getting the services they need?
  • Results: Are targets being met?
  • Reporting: Are reports being submitted accurately, completely and on time?
  • Technical Assistance: Where are the grant implementation bottlenecks, e.g. procurement, human resources, etc.? What technical assistance is needed to build capacity and resolve problems? What is the outcome of technical assistance?

The oversight committees discuss their key findings with the relevant PRs, seeking additional information and clarification as needed. These discussions may help to elucidate the implementation bottleneck or difficulty, and lead to further investigation of the underlying factors contributing to the bottleneck. Once an implementation bottleneck or difficulty has been investigated, the Oversight Committee identifies options to resolve these problems.

Oversight is a core responsibility of the CCM and each member should be able to understand grant performance, follow progress and challenges, and make recommendations to the PR on improving performance. For this reason, the oversight committees present their key findings and potential solutions to the full CCM during the next CCM meeting. They facilitate the discussion and provide clarifications. The CCM determines the most appropriate course of action and mandates the relevant oversight committee to follow up on this decision.

The work of the oversight committees is facilitated by the CCM Secretariat.