The CCM Leadership

The CCM Chair and CCM Vice Chair are elected by the CCM members from amongst themselves by secret ballot. The Chair and Vice Chair need to be from different sectors (Public sector, civil society, multi- and bilateral agencies) and cannot be representatives of organizations that are Principal Recipients of Global Fund grants. In the spirit of country ownership, the Chair and Vice Chair must be Ghanaian citizens. The term of office of the Chair and Vice Chair is two years with the option of re- election, however, no person may serve more than two consecutive terms as Chair or Vice Chair.

The Executive Committee is composed of the CCM Chair, the CCM Vice Chair, and five other members chosen by the CCM from constituencies other than those of the Chair and Vice Chair. At least one of the members will be a delegated female member. In the event of change in leadership, the Executive Committee shall be reconstituted.

The Executive Committee will make emergency decisions between regularly scheduled meetings of the CCM, when it is not practical or possible to organize a full meeting of the CCM as well as conduct those tasks specifically assigned to it at a full CCM meeting. The Secretariat will however provide information on deliberations and decisions taken at any Executive Committee meeting to all members of the CCM immediately after their meetings to keep members abreast of decisions taken on their behalf. The Executive Committee will also report at the subsequent CCM meeting.