Areas of Oversight

Areas of Oversight include:

  1. Funding request development
    The CCM ensures that adequate resources (human, financial, and technical) are available to develop successful proposals. In this role, the CCM coordinates proposal development and selects the principal recipients (PRs) in charge of grant implementation. The CCM must ensure that a wide range of stakeholders, not only CCM members, participate in the proposal development and oversight process. By involving non-CCM members, the CCM ensures broader national support, reinforces the objectivity of decision-making, and improves the quality of proposals. Moreover, the CCM needs to ensure that any conflict of interest is managed appropriately during the development of the concept note.

  2. Grant negotiation
    Once a funding request has been approved, a grant agreement is then signed with the PRs within one year, unless an extension is given. The CCM oversees the negotiation process to ensure it is on track, to identify technical support if needed, and to monitor any changes that are being made to the proposal. The CCM should understand fully the grant agreement before it is signed, so all members know the key program activities, targets, and budget before implementation begins.

  3. Grant implementation
    Grant oversight is conducted in the following ways, ideally, on a quarterly basis:
    • Know your grants. All CCM members should know which key grant implementation problems exist. They should have a clear plan with the PR for following-up their resolutions. The CCM receives from the PR copies of all relevant documents and reports, including the quarterly dashboards. Furthermore, all CCM members have opportunities to participate in site visits. These visits shall give members an overall sense of program achievement and challenges so they can provide better guidance to PRs, and lend credibility and stature to the grants themselves.
    • Support the PR. The PR(s) and CCM have a common goal of working together to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. The PR and CCM must work cooperatively to make the programs work.The CCM is responsible for approving changes to the performance frameworks as well as changing the PR, if necessary. The CCM uses its collective expertise to ensure that adequate technical assistance is identified and provided to address program challenges.

  4. Requests for continued funding
    The CCM has the responsibility to revise the requested funding amount and/or select a different PRs. Both decisions must be based on a firm understanding of grant performance. In order for CCMs to submit successful continuation proposals, they must know the program status of what has come before. Reaffirming and reselecting the PR is a key aspect of oversight, and the decision must be based on regular oversight that has taken place during the entire grant performance period.

  5. Grant Closure
    During grant closure, the same level of rigor and oversight is required since the CCM is responsible for endorsing the Close-Out Plan and Close-Out Budget, including the PR’s plan for distribution or disposal of program assets. Furthermore, the CCM may submit a Request for Continuity of Services where people are receiving life-saving treatment and where alternative sources of funding have not been identified to continue patients on treatment.