Accelerating access to prevention and treatment of tuberculosis towards attaining the MDGs


  • To reduce by 20% the 2013 TB prevalence baseline level of 286 per 100,000 person population by 2020 in line with post 2015 Global TB control Strategy;
  • To reduce by 35% the 2012 TB mortality rate baseline of 4 deaths per 100,000 person population by 2020;
  • To end the TB epidemic in Ghana by 2035 without catastrophic cost due to TB affected families.


  • Screen, detect early, and enroll new susceptible cases with increased focus on TB case detection in 90 high burden districts (click map to enlarge);
  • Conduct TB screening among key affected populations;
  • Promote early detection and treatment of 100% of confirmed MDR-TB (multi drug resistant TB) cases;
  • Attain higher treatment success from 84% in 2012 to 91% by 2020 through improved quality clinical care and community TB care; and
  • Increase co-ordination of TB and HIV activities and uptake of ART coverage among co-infected patients.

Planned activities:

  • Ensure intensified and systematic screening for TB of all patients attending health facilities, with special focus on 90 high burden districts based on reported TB cases;
  • Conduct pro-active case finding activities in risk groups and vulnerable populations;
  • Promote extensive use of new technology for screening (digital Xray) and diagnosis (Xpert);
  • Ensure early detection and treatment of 100% of confirmed MDR-TB cases;
  • Task shifting in order to accommodate the anticipated workload increase in targeted districts;
  • Facilitate TB and HIV collaborative activities: Create 50 new TB/HIV sites providing test kits, ARVs and CTX; screen all PLHIV enrolled on treatment twice in a year; integrate service supervision for jointly planned activities; support ART clinics to perform TB screening including the use of Xpert for all PLHIV with abnormal Xray.

Target Group/Beneficiaries:

  • General population
  • Pregnant women and children
  • TB/HIV co-infected patients
  • MDR-TB patients
  • Diabetics, miners and prisoners

Find an article on experiences with TB contact tracing undertaken by the NGOs WAAF and Ghana TB Voice Network here